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Our goal is to link homeowners in White Plains to some of the best Chimney Sweepers around. For upwards of 40 years, we scored as one the most cost-effective and best chimney sweepers through the New York tristate area. We supply chimney restoration, brick restoration, waterproofing, tuck-pointing, and more. Our skilled chimney sweepers are bilingual in English and Spanish to meet our customers' needs. White Plains Chimney specialists offer chimney cleaning, leak repairs, and weatherproofing and much more.

Whether you are building a new fireplace or in need of a chimney sweep, or have concerns regarding home heating, White Plains Chimney Sweepers and Restoration is the resource for all your chimney needs throughout White Plains. We ensure that your chimney is clean where there is no buildup of dangerous gas. Every year, many people die because of CO poison, due to the improper upkeep of fireplaces and chimneys. Just a little amount of CO can cause headaches, nausea, dizziness, and confusion. To prevent the CO buildup, please make sure your chimney is cleaned by a trained professional.

White Plains Chimney Sweepers provides safe and professional cleaning to all of our clients. Not only is the care of your chimney essential, but so is the attention of your house. Our technicians are trained to clean your chimney system from top-to-bottom, using only the best chimney sweep brushes and equipment on the market.

Damage to your chimney may happen for many reasons. A broken down chimney liner can allow for smoke to leak into your chimney wall space. If you don't have a chimney liner, you need to call us for a full chimney inspection. Placing chimney lining is often a cost-effective way to repair a chimney. Contact White Plains Chimney Sweepers right now so we can help; we have a wide range of chimney liners for you to choose from stainless-steel, lightweight aluminum, and flue tiles.

We're the expert authorities in the business of masonry, generating long-lasting, attractive masonry additions at very competitive prices. We have the experience you want with professional advice about what can suit your needs. Whether your vision is to develop a brick or stone fireplace or chimney, we can help with that as well. Our hardworking, reputable team of trained chimney sweepers and masonry takes pride in the quality craftsmanship that will undergo the test of time.

Many individuals overlook just how important and vital a regular chimney servicing is to a house. With winter often nearby, chimney maintenance is essential for any property owner. With the care and experience to complete the job, White Plains Chimney Sweep will be there to service your chimney! Bonded, licensed and insured, burn safe with our 21 points basic safety test.

Why Hire Our White Plains Chimney Sweepers?

If you're searching for outstanding customer service and professional chimney care for your home in White Plains, you've arrived at the best place! We're a locally operated and owned business, Mr Chimney and staff of Chimney Sweepers continues to be the main one company to call for all of your chimney needs in White Plains since we've opened our doors for business 1969.

Mr Chimney is a proud an associate Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) - certified chimney sweeps and provides a full range of services - from chimney inspections to repairs. Our chimney sweepers have experienced professionals and are equipped with the latest, cutting-edge tools, and also have the training and continuing training to fulfill all of your chimney needs. You are guaranteed excellent service with every visit!

Cleaning a fireplace can be anything from smooth to extremely difficult based on the type of fireplace or the issues with the fireplace.

Chimney cleaning and inspection times can vary according to the use; even so, the Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends annual servicing for preventive maintenance. Mr Chimney provides the best cleaning and complete inspection services you can depend on listed here within White Plains at affordable prices.

Your fireplaces should be maintained to prevent house fires, dangerous poisoning, and other preventable emergencies. Extensive inspection services from White Plains Chimney Sweepers can quickly detect difficulties with your chimney of any hazards. Let our specialists examine your chimney and help keep you safe.

For over 40 years, Mr Chimney and its team of Chimney Sweepers in White Plains have performed thousands of chimney repairs, restorations, and chimney sweeps throughout the White Plains area. Call us, we look forward to providing you service and keeping your home and family warm and safe this winter.

A clean chimney will do its job properly; an unclean or badly functioning chimney can be a nuisance, health hazard, and risk to your home and safety. That is because dirty chimneys can lead to chimney fires.

All work carries a full-year 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, just one of the many ways in which Mr Chimney provides excellent customer service.

The combustion process when you burn wood in your fireplace deposits creosote, an acidic and highly flammable material inside your firebox and chimney liner. This acidic compound can weaken a metal or masonry chimney and cause premature deterioration. It can also catch fire and quickly spread throughout your home. Without frequent cleaning, your chimney can also become home to birds and other pests that can obstruct the chimney with their nests.

Level I inspections are adequate for most annual inspections. They involve a thorough visual inspection of the chimney or stove and the adjoining connector pipe. Level II inspections combine Level I with a live video scan of the interior of the chimney to look for buildup, debris, and any damage. Level II is required by the NFPA 211 for realtors, property managers (when the ownership of the residence changes) and new homeowners.

Chimney cleaning and inspection schedules can vary depending on frequency of use and whether your implement is a gas log fireplace or wood burning; however, the Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends annual servicing for preventive maintenance. Cleanable Services provides Level 1 cleaning and inspection services in White Plains at affordable prices. We service, inspect, and offer cleaning services for chimneys many types of fireplaces including vent-less gas log cleaning.